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and many other name brands of water meters and oil meters

DLJ Multijet
DLJ Turbines
OVR Remote Meters
DLJ Hot Water Meters
ideal water meter for submetering, leak detection and low flow monitoring. Our most popular water meter
our woltman style turbine water meters are suitable for higher flow industrial, utility and agricultural applications
pos. displacement water meters with a self powered remote - ideal for hard to access meter spaces
similar specs to our other DLJ cold water meters but able to withstand high water temperatures
C700 Poly
Oil Meters
pulsing water meters good for remote reading, data collection, flow monitoring
an ideal deduct water meter that pays for itself while you watch your irrigation use. Great for pools and koi pond monitoring.
perfect for hostile enviroments or when you have to meter a corrosive water solution. NSF 61 certified
for highly accurate measurement of #2-#6 fuel oils. Available with pulse outputs to tie into your building's energy management system
DLJ  Batching System
DLJ Single Jet Meters
C700 Resettable Water Meters
Meter Connections
Convenient three piece system to batch water for chemical feed systems, precision irrigation or boiler systems. Batches can range from 1 gallon to 9.9 million gallons. Available from 1/2" to 20"
Direct Read and Pulse Output Single Jet meters ideal for tight installation spaces. Extremely accurate, especially in very low flow conditions.They also have a fully rotatable register.
A resettable LCD on the water meter register allows you keep track of individual batches, while still keep a cumulative total on the mechanical odometer. Available in 1/2" - 2".
Straight Meter Couplings, Reducing Couplings, Oval Flanges, Companion Flanges, Uni-flanges, Van Stone PVC Flanges, Sweat Flanges, Sweat Adaptors, Reinforced PVC Adaptors, Gaskets, Washers, Nuts, Bolts...Anything you need to hook up your meters.

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